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In a life surrounded by grey, step into a world where stars fly like starlings; waterfalls swirl and twirl onto a papery dance-floor; and morning sunbeams turn trees into gold. Take a look at my latest work below, and even own your own little mountain range.

About Me

And My Community

"We rushed through with all of our belongings, squeezed our bodies and two cases through the door opening, only to be greeted by a B-R-I-C-K-W-A-L-L. Our hearts sank." How did it go from this, to the colourful art I produce now? - read the full story below. Nowadays, I wouldn't be anywhere without the creative community I've found in North Lincolnshire - take a look at what they're up to in my Community section!


And where to find them

More than just a work of art; a mural transforms your blank wall into another world. Whether it's a sea of flowers, an enchanted woodland, or a larger than life representation of your business; murals have the ability to transform a space into something that represents you and your community. Why not even invite them to get involved? Read more below about how we can create a mural together, whether you get your hands dirty or leave it all to me.

Get involved

and embrace your inner artist!

Trust me... you can Paint! I'll prove it to you! With a range of events and workshops due to launch in 2023 - you don't want to miss out! Whether you want to get involved in painting a Mural, fancy a night of mess with your friends or want to exhibit at one of my Art Fairs. Take a look below at what Events and Workshops are coming up. Don't forget to sign up too, to get monthly updates on all things Rebecca Ellis!

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